SCIL is campaigning against Department of Health proposals which could have a major impact on patient safety in England and Wales.

Plans to introduce FRC (Fixed Recoverable Costs) across Clinical Injury cases could see many patients lose out on compensation.

The plans could see many unable to get expert specialist legal advice from our members.

The Government has been using ‘questionable’ financial figures which have been challenged in Parliament to justify changes opposed by many political figures, by SCIL, by Avma which fights for patient rights and by senior members of the Judiciary.




Jamie Sparrow talks about the horrific moments when his baby son,Sebastian, died ‘twice’ in unexplained circumstances in an NHS hospital in London.

He is demanding answers which after one internal inquiry remain unresolved.

He fears that Government plans to fix the costs of claimant lawyers in medical negligence cases will block families from accessing justice and getting answers and potentially compensation.

Please watch the video below for more information and read more about the case of Sebastian’s family and others who fear that patient safety will be further compromised by these proposals on Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC).

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Please go to our campaign webpage for more information, if you are a member of the media please contact our campaign team on 01618394846 or 07816294055 or email

SCIL believes the Government should abandon its plan and set up a high powered Working Party to fully review Patient Safety measures in England and Wales and how to avoid the delays, frustrations and unnecessary denials by the NHS Litigation Authority which increases costs, concerns and upset.

The Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers is a members’ organisation for claimant solicitors practising in the field of clinical negligence.

SCIL aims to promote best practice in the conduct of clinical negligence claims, to influence public policy for the benefit of its members and injured persons and in doing so to promote access to justice.


For individuals

If you are looking for a solicitor to assist you in bringing a clinical negligence claim, we can help you to find a firm that are members of SCIL.


For lawyers

We are active in assisting our members in dealing with the implementation of the Jackson reforms and the impact that those reforms have had on the practice of clinical negligence solicitors. We have, with the benefit of leading counsel, solicitors and costs draughtsmen, prepared various documents for the use of our members, including CFAs and Costs Budget templates.

SCIL holds exhibition days, lectures and training events focused solely on the field of clinical negligence. Regular meetings are held to discuss the problems facing members and how we can address them. Members are encouraged to discuss topics of interest in our online forum, and firms receive a regular email with news that is relevant to the field of clinical negligence.


Applying for membership

Membership is open only to firms of solicitors with at least one member of either the AVMA Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel or Law Society Clinical Negligence Accreditation Scheme. Member firms are able to attend to SCIL meetings and exhibition days at no additional cost. Attendance at SCIL meetings is limited to 2 attendees per member firm. For exhibition days, you may purchase additional tickets.

Members can purchase documents such as the SCIL model CFA or Precedent H Template. SCIL has provided advocacy support to member firms at Costs Management Conferences and will continue to consider applications for advocacy assistance for hearings that have a broad impact on the practice of clinical negligence solicitors.

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